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Strategies For Basketball Bets

Basketball is a very interesting and entertaining game. As distinguished from football, watching basketball is rarely boring, because throughout the game ball enters the basket at least 60 time, and many are thrown very exciting.

As in other sports, you can be on the basketball and make bets on certain procedures. Several of these will be discussed in this article.

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The strategy of betting on basketball No: 1

Consider a simple betting strategy for basketball Live . It is based purely on statistics. Basketball match is divided into four quarters. Each game is 10 minutes (sometimes 12 minutes). The strategy on the basis of statistics that only 1% of all basketball games end only a quarter totals greater than or just less than the totals. Accordingly, we set out on the total of each quarter, if you lose - catch up, win - then do not bet again on the same match.

What is Total? Total is a bet on the total number of: goals, points, games, total goals in the game (the game) and scored by each side separately. In this case, the total is less than or greater is the rate "for" the total number of points scored in one quarter of the teams.

The strategy of betting on basketball No: 2

Next to basketball betting strategy applies to matches NBA. The essence of the system: find a team who play three away games in a row against teams not from their conference. 1. We are looking for a team that plays three games in a row to leave, with the opponent must be from a different conference. 2. Put on the team with a handicap that allows a bookie. 3. If the bet is lost, then the next day we put catching up on the same team. 4. If you lost again, catch up on the next game, but more than three times will not catch.

As an additional filter, you can analyze the list of injured players, the presence of leaders and so on. It is not necessary to bet on the team that have unsatisfactory results of games on the way, as well as if a bookmaker offers a high handicap to one of the teams.

What is a handicap?

Just take an example: suppose the match is played, where they play the team "A" and "B". Team "A" is 6 (F1 (6)), then, if we bet on odds Team "A", and the match ended with a score of 100 - 104 (lost to a team "A"), we add points to the team " A "head start and get it the following account: 106-104 (team won the" A "), and therefore our bet played. In other words, the team handicap, a number that we add a row to the end of the command, and if the new team won a score - bet played, even if after adding handicap team lost - lost bet. There are fractional odds, say 5.5 or negative: -7 -6.5. The meaning of all this is that if we put odds on the team, we win if the team score, taking into account the handicap bet.

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